Dear FCA Corinth Parents,

Paying for school related expenses such as field trips, yearbooks, athletic fees, extended school day services and more are now easier thanks to an amazing online system our ResponsiveEd district is now using. This system is known as K12 Payment Center.

To access the system, each family will need to go and click Sign Up to create an account. Choose a username and password for yourself. For the district, select Texas College Prep from the drop down list and complete the other required information on the page. Click Submit.

To assign a student to your account, select Manage Students from the vertical menu on the left and follow the instructions. Click Manage Wallet from the vertical menu on the left to assign a debit/credit card to the account.

(Please contact the front office for your student's ID number to register if you do not already have it)

Online Payment Website Facts:

· Make payments for school related fees online securely using your credit/debit card

· You can get quick and easy access to your child’s account 24 hours a days, seven days a week

· Receive email and text notifications when school fees are assigned for your student

· Less hassle and no more sending checks into district office

· Set up weekly or monthly recurring payments

· Peace of mind, knowing exactly what your money is being spent on

· There are no banners, pop up ads or advertising

· Information is not shared with any third parties, other than your financial institution and Corinth Classical Academy

· Account access available on our campus website link, Apple App Store, and Google Play

We appreciate each family being diligent in setting up this K12Payment account for each of their FCA Corinth students. Our hope is that this system makes paying for school related expenses more efficient for all parties involved. Please do not hesitate to contact our campus offices if you should have any questions.

Kindest regards,

Office Administration