From our Headmaster's Desk...

Founders Classical Academy of Corinth

Headmaster Update - 01/25/2021

Dear FCAC Parents, Students, and Families,

Today begins the start of School Choice Week in which we celebrate the fact that we have options in choosing what schools we send our students to. Choice is such an overused word that often it is only ever understood as "preference." For instance, I prefer chocolate ice cream over strawberry or Sociables to Ritz. These examples are choices wherein one is preferred over another. There really isn't any tangible reason we pick one over the other except our own likes/dislikes. If you prefer strawberry over chocolate ice cream there is not much I can do to persuade you to choose chocolate.

Choice can also often involve a moral decision. For instance, I choose to work to put food on the table for my family. I also choose to obey the law so I don't get a ticket or end up in jail. There really is no "preference" here. I have to choose the good (not starving, not ending up in jail).

There is yet another aspect of choice that involves a combination of the two, preference and choosing the good, and it is under this category that school choice is placed. Perhaps you are at our school because of our focus on the civic virtue and character development we work to instill in students (a good). Perhaps you have chosen FCAC because you like the curriculum we use (a preference). Maybe you have chosen our school because you heard about how good our teachers are (a good), or you like that we have small (compared to other schools) class sizes (a preference). In short, all of us have chosen FCAC because it strives to instill good things in our students; and those things it instills are things we love or wish we had had when we were their age.

In the ever growing secularization of our world, the things we study at Founders are eternal...all educated people will to some degree continue to contemplate these things long after you and I are but a memory in this world. But a school is made up of people, people of various faiths, professions, backgrounds, struggles, and strengths. Together we make our school worthy of consideration so that others who have a choice may understand why we choose the way we do, and perhaps choose to join us in our pursuit of academic excellence and moral virtue.

Thank you for all of the good you do for your students, our school, and each other every day.

Kindest Regards,

John W. Heitzenrater II

Headmaster, Founders Classical Academy of Corinth