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Headmaster Update


Dear Corinth Classical Academy Parents and Students,

As mentioned in previous notices about the COVID-19 virus and Corinth Classical Academy’s commitment to ensuring that all students are safe, I wanted to inform you of the latest developments affecting our school which have occurred this afternoon.

It was announced today that LDISD, as well as several neighboring districts, would be closing all schools and facilities through Friday April 3, 2020. As mentioned last week, CCA would follow the lead of local school districts. I am therefore confirming that Corinth Classical Academy will be closed through April 3, 2020.

I will be meeting with teachers next Monday and Tuesday to put final touches on our transitioning to an online platform until students are able to return to school. We will be getting our plan approved by the superintendent on Wednesday of next week and will begin reaching out to families on Thursday and Friday with steps to be taken for instruction the following week.

Please accept my sincerest thanks as we navigate these very much unchartered waters!

Kindest Regards,

John W. Heitzenrater II, A.B., M.H.M.

Headmaster, Corinth Classical Academy