From our Headmaster's Desk...

Founders Classical Academy of Corinth

Headmaster Update - 11/16/2020

Dear FCAC Parents, Students, and Families,

There are a few updates this week as we wind down for Thanksgiving break. Please remember that Friday is a half day with dismissal at 12 at Grammar and 12:30 at Upper. There is NO Aftercare that day, so please make sure children are picked up on time.

Grammar parents, please have your students ready to get out of the car as soon as a teacher is at their car door. Students need to have jackets on, masks on, items in hand ready to exit the car quickly. We want all our students to be on time for class and when they are not ready to exit, it causes unnecessary delays.

Information is in this update about the legacy brick campaign. We know times are hard right now for families, but if you can dig deep and help us with this fundraiser, we would be grateful. Bricks will be going in our senior garden and will be here for your grandkids when they attend. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Can you believe we are already in week 12?? I think all of us deserve some time off to be with family, friends, and loved ones. Take a moment this week to say thank you to someone who has made an impact on your life. It could be a parent, a teacher, a colleague, or a friend. We all have so much to be thankful for, regardless of how crazy the world outside of our school is.


by James T. Akins

I could list the gifts I'm thankful for and write until next week.My health, my eyes, my darling wife, granddaughter's rosy cheeks.
Treasured friends, that If I called, would say, "I'm on my way."A precious mother, that lucky me, turns eighty-one today.
Children I'm so proud of, sisters that make me smile,little ones that call me Pops; my list could reach for miles.
A soldier in some foreign place, assuring liberty for me,a sunny sky, a frosty morn, a blue-green shimmering sea.
I'm thankful that in this land I love, we're free to disagree,where we aspire to so much more than mediocrity.
I keep this mental list of gifts and add to it each day,like God's unique and precious love, whose patience never sways.
A similar list, I know you have, so think on that awhile,and be thankful, friends, that everyday our gifts outweigh our trials.

Kindest Regards,

John W. Heitzenrater II

Headmaster, Founders Classical Academy of Corinth