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Headmaster Update

Update 7-24-2020

Dear Parents, Students, and Families of Founders Corinth,

Most, if not all, of you have been waiting for clarification about start dates, plans, and so forth. I wanted to give everyone a quick update about some decisions that have been made today regarding the start of school.

Like our two local ISD's (Denton/Lake Dallas) we will be moving our start date to August 26, 2020. At that time, similar to what local ISDs are planning, we will offer both an in-person AND an online option for instruction.

ResponsiveEd will be sending out a survey to parents approximately two weeks prior to the start of classes asking you to indicate which option you choose for your children. There will be information in that communication about how the process works, whether there will be a "grace period" for choosing one and switching to another, and so forth. Please read that communication carefully. I will try to give you a head's up when it comes out.

You will also be getting an invite to something called Parent Square. This invite may come as soon as today. When it arrives, please follow this process in setting up an account. This will be the portal through which parents will communicate with the district about their plans for the upcoming school year.

A calendar revision will be made and presented to our PEIMS department with revised dates and so on which will be shared with families AFTER it is approved. Please be patient with this process as it will take some time.

We are doing our best to maintain the scheduled last day of school (May 27th) with graduation (yay!! FCA Seniors!!) on May 29, 2021. Please note, however, that if there are unanticipated closures, it is possible we may have to move or extend those dates. We will follow the recommendations of the Denton County Health Department scrupulously and will take their, as well as other governmental agencies, advice regarding school closures, further delays in opening, and so forth. As of this writing, the Denton County Health Department has not indicated any further changes to the start of school (date/online only, etc.), although other health departments in the state have. I will let you know if and when something changes.

There is a great amount of work which is taking place at the district and school level to ensure everyone (students, families, teachers, and staff) is safe. I will follow up this communication with our district/school safety protocols within the next week.

I cannot think of a finer group of families I would rather share this burden with than you! You have been patient to a fault and I appreciate your prayers, well-wishes, and support as we navigate the rough waters ahead. It will all come together as it always does. Just think about the stories we will share with our grandkids one day! Those stories will be our equivalent to the "I had to go to school uphill both ways in two feet of snow!!" stories our venerable parents and grandparents have told us. We may finally have something which rivals even those!

Kindest Regards,

John W. Heitzenrater II

Headmaster, Founders Classical Academy of Corinth