Faculty and Staff

Corinth Classical Academy employs highly qualified teachers who are passionate about educating children and who love the content they teach. They foster the idea of “learning for the sake of learning” and engage students in the pursuit of the true, the good, and the beautiful. The goal of teachers at Corinth Classical Academy is to help enable children by building their content knowledge, by encouraging virtue, and by promoting responsible citizenship.


Assistant Director

Grammar Campus


Grammar & Upper Campus

Assistant Director

Upper Campus

Office Staff

Grammar Campus

Brooke Waggoner


Kristine Sims


Melissa Martinez

Office Aide/CNP

Kristyn Reierson


Upper Campus

Jennifer Martin


Norma Shivers


Stephanie Paiva

Nurse Aide

Michelle McDaniel

Nurse Aide


Kelly Douthit


Carmen Knotts


Angelia sherrod


Selasi Afriyie

First Grade

Mary Kaszynski

First Grade

Kristen Wilhelm

First Grade

Sara Feeny

Second Grade

Bethany Hodgson

Second Grade

Veronica Guy

Second Grade

Susan Stephens

3rd Grade Science & History

Ashley west

3rd Grade Math

Keri Mullin

3rd Grade ELAR

Jaime Simon

4th Grade Science & History

Angie Brazile

4th Grade Math

Margarete Carter

4th Grade ELAR

Christina Moreno

5th Grade Science & History

Mary Birdsong

5th Grade English

Tara Chamberlain

Grammar Music Teacher

Emily Barba

Grammar P.E. Coach

Kim Smith

Grammar Art Teacher

Jamie Geer

6th Grade English/Latin

Jillian Faulk

7th Grade English/Latin

Marshall Nelson

8th Grade English/Latin

Alex Guernica

9th & 10th English

Brittany Brown

6th & 7th Grade History

Brandon Cranshaw

8th Grade History & Career Investigations

Stephanie Bodden

9th & 10th Grade History

Rachel Harris

6th Grade Science/Dual Credit/504

Karen Gilley

7th & 8th Grade Science

Katie Happ

9th & 10th Grade Science

Lisa Le

6th & 7th Grade Math

Shannon Martin

7th - 9th Grade Math

Ashley Napoli

9th & 10th Grade Math

Mavis Conduff

6th - 10th Grade Speech/Debate/Theatre/Old & New Test

Rachel Ladner

CTE & Robotics

Kristen Faulk

Spanish & Latin

Helen Marincel

5th - 10th Grade Music & Choir

Tara Paine

6th - 10th Grade Orchestra & 5th Grade Art

Brittany Taylor

6th - 10th Grade Art/Dual Credit/504

David Fox

Athletic Director & P.E. Coach

Leslie Smith

Athletic Coach

Heather Keel

Instructional Support

MIchelle Davison

Instructional Support

Robert Caughlin

Instructional Support

Jennifer Dickey

Instructional Support

Faith Reese

Instructional Support

Julie Bakke

Instructional Support

Kristen Farkos

Instructional Support

Denise Carruth

I.S. Aide

Heather Wisker

I.S. Aide

Christy Tucker

I.S. Aide

Teresa Munoz

I.S. Aide

Benita Eberhart

Dyslexia & 504

Ashley Lambert

Dyslexia & 504

Stevie Smith

Speech Therapist

James Moran

Extended School Day

Erika Sheffield

Extended School Day

Josiah Conduff

Extended School Day