Corinth Classical Academy


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We are blessed at Corinth Classical Academy to have amazing parents and staff that have always come together to make a strong community atmosphere. We are more than just a school, we are a family. Please join us at Corinth Classical Academy as we invest in the future of our children.

As most of you already know there is a huge gap between what the local public school receives and what we receive as a charter school. Here in Texas, the gap exceeds $1,000/student. Please consider partnering with us today with a one-time gift or a recurring monthly gift. Every donation helps! Also, don't forget to check with your employer to see if they do an Employee Match Fund. Thank you!

Corinth Classical Academy’s academic program is based on the belief that successful students become successful adults. Our core curriculum is specifically formulated to prepare students to succeed in college. This preparation includes crucial, fundamental, academic courses with a special emphasis on American civics, followed by more advanced courses. Our interest is in educating the whole person, instilling both knowledge and values that will serve both the student and our society in years to come. We wholeheartedly agree with President Theodore Roosevelt’s belief that an intellectual education without benefit of moral training creates a menace to our society. For this reason, Corinth Classical Academy is committed to provide not only quality education but also training in character growth.


Grammar Campus

K - 6th Grade

800 Point Vista Drive

Hickory Creek, TX 75065

940 - 321 - 1144

Fax: 866 - 708 - 0153

Office Hours: 7:20 AM - 4:00 PM

Upper Campus

7th - 11th Grade

3600 Meadowview Drive

Corinth, TX 76210

940 - 497 - 0059

Fax: 866 - 231 - 9437

Office Hours: 7:10 AM - 4:00 PM